Our Story

My mom’s a yogi, so I’ve loved growing up on a yoga mat. But what I’ve never loved is a yoga towel that won’t stay straight during my practice. Or one that bunches up. And the slipping! Upward dog, fix towel, downward dog, fix towel, warrior one, throw towel aside in frustration. You know that “not so OM” feeling.

So I created a way to secure my yoga towel to my mat. No more bunching or slipping.

My forever-supportive grandfather “Poppy” loved the idea, too. And after a little coaxing (I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer) he came out of retirement to help me help frustrated yogis everywhere.

Welcome to OMie Yoga. Welcome OM.

Poppy & Me

– Sami and Ken “Poppy” Fishbein