Meet the OMies. They’re a growing group of yogis who make OMie Mat & Towels a part of their practice.

Whitney Allen

Los Angeles, CA

“OMie mats are fantastic for my practice, because I love a sweaty yoga session and the design allows me to get a good grip on my roots. My hands and feet don't slip when the heat starts to build. And the attached towel doesn't slip off the mat!”

Whitney has been a yogi for 20 years and a full-time yoga teacher in Los Angeles for 14. She’s always striving for balance and ease in life and in her practice. When she’s not on her mat or in the studio, you can usually find her hanging out with her dog Bowie, swimming in the nearest lake/ocean/pool, or listening to and creating music. She’s also the music supervisor for Wanderlust Hollywood in LA.

Gina Marciano

Chicago, IL

“I love how the OMie mat and towel set makes my practice slip-free. The way the towel attaches to the mat on both front and back is really convenient and helps minimize distractions. The combo is really lightweight, too, so it’s easy to carry!”

Gina's yoga mat has become a playground over the past 12 years. With a background in dance, she’s always been passionate about expression through movement. But the practice of yoga has allowed her to discover an inner world that can be explored infinitely. Combining her knowledge of alignment with her passion for freedom, she incorporates fluid and dynamic sequences in her classes that encourage practitioners to establish internal balance and harmony. In addition to teaching at Studio Three in Chicago and Shri Yoga Center in Highland Park, she also leads a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

Scott Harig

New York

“The mat has a luxurious feel and is so amazing in the hot room. The towel does not move which enables me to just focus on my breath. Totally genius! My wife loves the OMie logo on the towel because it keeps her smiling.”

Scott Harig has been a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga teacher for more than 16 years. While living in Denver, Scott taught yoga exclusively at the Denver Ashtanga Yoga Center under the direction of Michael Rawlison. His main teacher today is Manju Jois, and for the last three years he's led the Ashtanga Program at Pure Yoga West in New York City.

Matthew Repplinger

Denver, CO

“"The OMie Yoga Mat and Towel Set is next level. It's the perfect density yet SO KUSHIE! The way everything connects is awesome and I look forward to getting on it all the time. Serious Ohm-coming each time, every time. #GratefulOMie”

Matthew is the founder and CEO of Pro Positive Yoga, a company that brings yoga to professional and amateur athletes throughout America. Pro Positive Yoga is devoted to bringing yoga and mindfulness to professional sport organizations. In addition to his yoga side, Matthew has worked in professional baseball since his college years and is the owner of the Denver Brown's. With his platform in baseball Matthew has created "YogaDay" experiences throughout Major League Baseball stadiums. Events like these are a part of his mission to open as many people to the yoga practice as possible.