The OMie Yoga Mat: A Revolutionary Design Born From a Young Entrepreneur Who Partnered With Her Grandfather to Bring Her Dream to Reality By Cassidy Turek

The OMie Yoga Mat: A Revolutionary Design Born From a Young Entrepreneur Who Partnered With Her Grandfather to Bring Her Dream to Reality By Cassidy Turek

Sami Fishbein, a senior at the University of Southern California, grew up in Highland Park, Illinois, where she spent countless hours practicing yoga in her mother’s studio. While drawn to yoga because of its soothing benefits for both mind and body, the constant movement of her towel on her yoga mat frustrated her to no end.  

The Journey

In the midst of a downward dog during her mom’s class when her towel slipped off of her mat – again - Sami whispered aloud to herself, “How is there no solution to this?” A born problem solver, Sami promised herself she would find a way to connect the towel to the yoga mat, alleviating the irksome sliding towel for irritated yogis everywhere.

Her yoga experience led the way to establish her company, “Poppy and Me Enterprises, LLC” with her grandfather, Kenneth “Poppy” Fishbein, which produces the OMie Yoga Mat, the revolutionary mat where the towel and the mat become one.  

Poppy the partner

By pitching her concept to Poppy, Sami launched “Poppy and Me Enterprises, LLC.” Sami found a loyal partner who believed in her mission and her product and was a willing backer. Recognizing the necessity of the unique mat within the yoga industry, Poppy, although recently retired, committed to back Sami financially and lovingly supported her as she continued her journey.

The prototype, the patent, and production

Sami and Poppy located a tarp manufacturer in Chicago who studied her concept and agreed to sew a zipper onto a yoga mat and a yoga towel, connecting the two items. She utilized the rudimentary prototype in her yoga classes.  Many yogis, also frustrated by a separate mat and towel, noticed her distinctive mat, and asked where they too could buy one.

With other like-minded yogis recognizing her idea, and a committed loyal business partner, the stars aligned and it was time Sami refined her prototype, patented the concept and moved forward with a goal to mass produce the mat.  

After prototype approval, Poppy contacted his colleagues overseas to assist in producing mat. After testing multiple versions, identifying what worked, what didn’t work, and ultimately what they liked best, they eventually perfected a final prototype.

In September of 2016, an order was placed, and the OMie Yoga Mat could now alleviate slipping towel issues for yogis like Sami.

Pushing forward

As smooth as her journey sounds, Sami mentioned a few bumps along the way, particularly identifying the niche market of yogi’s willing to pay for a premium product. Sami commented, “Many people are attached to their current mat and are fearful of taking a leap to try something new.”

Always a problem solver, Sami pushes forward marketing her product with her entrepreneurial spirit, her Poppy’s unwavering support and a commitment to growing her business to help frustrated yogis everywhere reach their zen with an OMie Yoga Mat, where the towel and the mat connect.

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