Yoga is for Everyone!

Yoga is for Everyone!

Happy Monday to our yogi’s out there! So New Year, new you right? We decided to make this post about how yoga is actually for everyone! We know how terrifying it can be trying yoga for the very first time so to all our newbies: DON’T STRESS IT! If you want to give yoga a try or know of someone who wants to try it, here you go! Don’t be worrying like our girl Chrissy Teigen here, you guys got this! Here are some tips and fears we know newbies are bound to have so we wanted to help them out.

Yoga is a HUGE stress reliever and benefits people from all walks of life! In yoga, we learn to pay attention to our breath, and our breath is the easiest way to change our mindset and emotional state. When we slow down and take deep, full breaths, we can relax our parasympathetic nervous system, which alleviates anxiety and tension. It doesn’t matter who you are; once you discover how powerful connecting with the breath can be, you will be so happy you decided to try yoga! If you need help finding a class here is Yoga Finder, largest directory to find yoga classes near you!

To all our newbies, be confident!  Don’t pull out the excuse “I’m not flexible!” because you don’t have to be! Each yoga class is filled with people at varying levels and degrees of flexibility. We all have different bodies and some people are naturally more flexible than others. It doesn’t matter. A consistent yoga practice, over time, will help you to become more limber. Also to get more flexible try searching up hash tags on social media website to see other tricks such #flexible and #stretchexercises

It’s portable and can be done anywhere, at anytime!

All you need to bring is your body and breath to practice yoga. Mats are super easy to carry around, you don’t need any fancy equipment to do yoga. Its amazing to be anywhere in the world and do yoga or even in your office while on lunch break! What we found truly interesting is that most yogis practice yoga in their own home, in fact, up to 43% practice at home.

To all our newbies DO NOT have the fear of “I’ll look stupid.” Everyone looks pretty silly doing yoga and funky new techniques! It’s nearly impossible not to look absolutely ridiculous doing some of these poses, but the good news is that you will be in good company—an entire room full of people in funny spandex outfits with their butts in the air. And chances are, there will be people who look sillier than you! No one is looking at anyone else because they are focused on their own work. This Instagram has tons of funky poses of course people look silly but focus on yourself and stretch those muscles!

It’s non-competitive and adaptable to every shape, size, gender, and age group!

Yoga isn’t ‘one size fits all’, everyone can adapt to your body. Of course there is a basic outline for each position/technique, but its always listening to your own and what’s moving you within.

It’s empowering.

The more you learn to rely on your own self and discover the power of your breath and potential, the stronger and more confident you feel. Yoga helps you tune in to your own instincts and lead from your heart and gut. You will learn to listen to your inner voice and trust in yourself. Yoga is all about being powerful and kind. An article about Yogawoman tunes into how yoga has transformed and empowered women all around the world.

It’s fun! Yoga almost lets you channel your inner child. You get to go upside down, and take deep breaths, take all sorts of fun shapes, and even sort of nap at the end of your practice. It’s truly one of the few times you can just let go, be completely free and open-minded.

It’s life changing. Many people agree that yoga has changed their life on all sorts of levels.  If you start practicing now, beware you may discover something so magical, you’ll never return to the way you used to be before yoga came in to your life.

So, anytime you want to recharge and recover, clear your mind, get lean, flexible, and strong, improve your balance, or get back in touch with yourself, all you have to do is hit your OMie mat, stretch, and breathe!

Have a happy Monday everyone! 

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