We Give Thanks to You!

We Give Thanks to You!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I wanted to take the time out to acknowledge and give thanks to the small but mighty tribe who have encouraged and supported me to take the leap of turning an idea into a reality. 

Though I have been a Cali girl during my academic years at the University of Southern California, I am never too far from my Midwestern roots. My parents are my biggest cheerleaders. They have raised my two brothers and I to be the best versions of ourselves- with loving, yet stern guidance. The support of my parents has never wavered. When they realized that I was serious about turning a mere idea into a reality at the same time I was (and currently am) a full time student, they gave their full on support. 

Onto my Poppy, my go-to guy, my confidant and my friend. This hipster grandfather who initiated Usher concerts and probably was more excited than I was to be there. When we aren't talking music, we have always talked business and current events. Without his continual push this company, the name, the look and product would not be even close to where we are now. For him, I am eternally grateful. 

I want to give a special shout of gratitude to my incredible network of friends: their ages spanning decades, their vast work experience and geographic locations as diverse as one can find. A fear of mine when getting to the final step of our company was knowing that this precious baby of mine was about to go public. I was unsure of OMie's reception into the public foray. For the past few years I had been working on the company, very few close friends and family knew about OMie's inception. I am humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love that I have received in the past month of announcing our launch of OMie Yoga has been incredible. 

The phrase "all it takes is a good idea" is simply that, a phrase. It is one not to be minimized because a dream is the start, the planning and execution is the real kicker. Throughout my life, I had a lot of ideas and a lot of plans for "when I grew up" (another often used expression!). In my 22 years, I had future aspirations of different yet similar paths: an actress, singer, lawyer (still want to be one), jewelry designer, makeup artist, stylist and I’m sure I am missing a few more. The resounding theme in these is the ability to create a platform that reflects focus and expression of self.  OMie Yoga is the perfect marriage of that. It was an idea born out of a desire to remain on task to achieve the best version of oneself in the moment. 

As we move into the holiday season, a time of reflection and gratitude, all of us at OMie Yoga hope that we can be a part of the holiday celebration and gift giving. Enjoy this special offer of $20 off the OMie Mat and Towel Set and $10 off the OMie Towel from today, November 21st through November 27th.

Promo Code: THANKS20 (OMie Mat & Towel Set)

Promo Code: THANKS10 (OMie Towel)


With love and gratitude for this journey and experience,



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