The Poppy in Me

The Poppy in Me

After spending 50 years of my life in the building products industry the time had come to ‘hang my spikes’ up. That wonderful day happened just short of 2 years ago.

I’m blessed in so many ways. I have been married fifty one years to my childhood sweetheart. Our four sons are all married and have made us grandparents a few times over! This is where the whipped cream and cherry really comes from--our bundle of 8 beautiful grandchildren. So, in the past two years I’ve been able to spend invaluable quality time with my family.  Spending days with the boys golfing and girls usually shopping, but most of all…mentoring all of them in any way I can.

Sami, or “me” in Poppy & Me is the oldest of the granddaughters. She is one of a kind (as they all are) but she has truly pushed the envelope since she was very young. Our personalities are similar, scary similar. I like to think of us both as go-getters, driven and passionate people. 

Sami is now a senior at USC, (way too far away from me back in Chicago!).  Although the thousands of miles in distance separate us, she makes sure that it feels like just a few blocks. Sami goes out of her way to see me as often as possible and we communicate frequently. But now, being that we are business partners the communication is hourly-That’s Sami for you…

OMie mat is the brainchild of Sami, and Sami alone. The passion of this company along with the concept is rooted in Sami. She is a second-generation yogini.  Sami came to me a few years ago with her unique idea of the OMie mat and towel combination. After a night or two of thinking over this concept of Sami’s I called her back and said, “you’re on partner, were going on a journey.”

Although I am no expert in yoga I have vast experience in the business world and innovation. As an outsider to the yoga culture I truly believe OMie is a rightful contender in a widely saturated yoga goods marketplace. It is the fix, it solves the problem that yogis complain about and struggle with throughout classes. 

It has been less than a few weeks since OMie Yoga has made its entry into the public eye.  We are optimistic with the responses so far and are hoping that with each passing day more yoga enthusiasts will be exposed to the benefits that OMie mats offers practitioners.  

If I know my eldest granddaughter, this journey is going to be an everlasting one!


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