The OMie In Action

The OMie In Action

Happy Tuesday yogis!

Over the past few weeks we have shared the OMie Mat & Towel Set to studios and instructors across the country. Locations ranging from Los Angeles to Chicago, Portland, Denver, Scottsdale and New York.  Our intention was to get some feedback on the OMie Mat & Towel Set before our first bulk shipment arrives. 


Creating something that will enhance an experience is even sweeter when the feedback is positive. We were so excited by initial response from the yogis who have been using their OMie products. We thought we would share some of the testimonials.


"I wanted to really sweat on it, I did today and it doesn't slip at all! I love it so much." Cilla, Chicago


"It feels awesome on my hands...even when its on carpet, which is not easy, and whatever the difference is in the towel, makes it way easier for me to grip for arm balances." Ryan, Los Angeles


"Now this is the ultimate fix!" Dana, Scottdale


"The towel is super soft and cozy and it was great to not have bunching in the towel with it zippered on. Easy to wash too!" Jessica, Portland


As the holiday season quickly approaches so do New Year resolutions. For many that resolution is to get fit, join a gym, find some more "me" time, ...there is no better way to keep that intention going than the OMie Mat & Towel Set.  This specialty is the perfect starting point for your friend, family and loved one to start their new journey...or, better yet, treat yourself. We promise you won't regret it. 


For those of you who have purchased your new tool for success, just a few more weeks and it will be at your doorstep. We can't WAIT to hear what you think. 


Until next time...



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