Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks for the Feedback!

As January comes to a close and February begins we thought it was appropriate timing to talk about the buzz of OMie Yoga so far. It’s been a couple months since all our OMie customers have received their products and recently we sent out a little questionnaire to all in hopes of finding out how we did.


Just last week in my business entrepreneurship class Andy Dunn, CEO and co-founder of Bonobos came in to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. One of the key takeaways I held onto was the notion of the Net Promoter Score. To put it simply, the question “How likely is it that you would recommend the OMie Mat and Towel Set to a friend?” answers the question of the net promoter score. The way in which one segments the score is with the scale of 1-10. (1-6: Detractors, 7-8 Passives, and 9-10 Promoters) A company knows they have done well when majority of their feedback lies in the promoter category. Lucky for us (well is it luck or just great minds and great quality? :) ) our net promoter score is fantastic which means that all of you out there have probably been hearing how you NEED to get one. Our customers are right, it works!


Every participant in this survey said the quality of the OMie Mat and Towel Set is “very high quality”. Even more so, all participants when asked the question “Have we solved your problem of bunched up towels, slipping and frustration in the practice?” answered YES. Those of you who are reading this right now, if you haven’t already minimized this window to go to OMie Yoga and purchase one, this is when you do!


A few anonymous responses for you all…


“I love the OMie Mat!! Very innovative.”

“Love practicing on my OMie mat the texture of the towel is so much better than yogi toes and not slippery at all!”

“Great website, speedy delivery, great product”

“I LOVE my OMie Mat and Towel so much!”

“My husband is a sweaty dude and he loves his new matt!! Awesome job!!!”


On another fun and exciting note, we have continued our partnership with Yoga Journal for the next few months! The San Francisco event was such a success we wanted to work together for more! Go take a look at our News Section on the OMie Yoga website. So far we have been featured in the #TGIF gift giveaway and have a FULL PAGE ad in the Special Issue of Yoga Journal from February to April. Go grab one off the newsstands and see for yourself. We have to admit, we look good in there. 

Lots more to come with this partnership and others!


Until next week!


Gratitude always,



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