Power Through Your Practice With OMie Yoga

Power Through Your Practice With OMie Yoga

Happy mid August yogis!  We have been on blog hiatus and out enjoying the summer days. Though the sun is still shining, it is clear that change is on the horizon.  Just a few weeks ago, the OMie Yoga Mat and Towel Set and the OMie Yoga Towel became available on Amazon.  So….if you’ve got an Amazon account (and if you don't - join the movement!) go replenish your towel collection with a new color or finally make the needed change to your practice and invest in the combo!


As  much as we are reluctant to let go of the freedom summer offers, its ending represents a new season, a new beginning.  As the summer comes to a close and the new school year begins, why not use it is a restart for new physical patterns.  With a set schedule each day, it's easy to set ourselves on cruise control and just make it through each day. But why not put aside a small portion of your day to make you feel good? 


Finding that hour to hop in a yoga class of course is ideal, but isnt always possible. A fantastic alternative we love? Udaya. Udaya is an incredible website with a great collection of yoga classes. This online platform is a subscription based platform allowing yogis to pick and choose the kind of practice they want and when they want to take it! LA favorite instructors such as Vytas Baskauskas and Rudy Mettia offer classes ranging from five minutes to sixty minutes. While you're not physically in a studio practicing next to other yogis, the videos on this site make your mat nearby other practitoners.


If making it to the studio isn't a possibility and hooking up online isn't appealing to you, grab your mat and head outside. Find a peaceful place to lay down your OMie and get your om on. Fifteen minutes of some sun salutations, standing postures, belly backbends or even upward facing bow, followed by a reclining twist and seated meditations will more than suffice to get your zen on.


So...what are you waiting for!? Go get out there and find your bliss. 


See you in savasana :) 



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