OMies on Campus

OMies on Campus

Hey yogis! 


As many of you have seen, the OMie Yoga team has started a new initiative we are super excited about, OMies on Campus. 


We are looking for students who are devoted yoga practitioners who are strong proponents for mat time and mind body movement.  If this sounds like something you or a friend would be interested in, share the info! We all could use a little extra cash in college and this is the perfect way to be your own boss, make your own hours and build that resume up. Join the team and email


Now, onto a concept that is current phraseology- (thankfully): Mindfulness. To put it simply, mindfulness is the quality of being conscious, aware and observant of something. Something in the present moment. With all of the distractions we experience throughout our days, staying mindful is a challenge. As adults, we try to adopt this behavior into our daily routines. It is never too early to practice mindfulness. In fact, the earlier the better. Yoga Journal recently published an articled entitled,  "4 Simple Steps to Teach Kids Mindfulness & Zap Back-to-School Stress". Mariam Gates author and creator of the Kid Power Yoga Program offers four simple methods for children.


1: Sit and Relax. Linking your body with your breath, squeezing your entire body and then breathing to release. 

2: Breathe and Relax. The act of feeling both your belly and your chest rising and falling to your breath. 

3: Listen and Relax: The power of the ears. Simply closing your eyes and listening to the world around you, but more importantly your own breathing. 

And lastly?

4: Relax and be. 


Exposure to mindfulness may be the doorway for today's children and the preceding generations to breathe and be happy in the moment. If you are a mindfulness novice perhaps these methods will be helpful in your own journey. After all, we can all use a little help evolving toward the best version of ourselves. 


OM Shanti OM Peace,



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