New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!

The title says it all, right? The family is finally gone, the gifts have been opened, the parties are over with and the stress of the holidays is in the past. A new year has begun, and with every new year comes new intentions, goal-setting and maybe even a new mindset to take on.


We typically think of the New Year in terms of the future, planning and striving to do better with a fresh slate… but us at OMie Yoga believe it is also necessary to take time to remember all of our personal growth that was achieved in the past year. Consider your many accomplishments and celebrate them!


With this being said, we have decided to dedicate this blog to new beginnings! Since the year is starting up, why not get into new habits? Out with the old and in with the new.


  • Happy New Year with Alan Watts: This short doll teaches you more about how and why to meditate, and what/what not to expect from it, rather than being a step-by-step guide. As Watts writes, ‘Has it occurred to you that there may be really nowhere to go, because you take yourself with you if you go somewhere else? And if you have a problem here, you will have a problem somewhere else, because you are the problem.’ Thus begins your meditation.


  • Set the tone of the year with your social media: Starting the new year is crucial, so why not follow new people on your social media? Social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter can help you find new tips and ideas for when it comes to yoga!


  • Out with the old, and in with the new: We all have those days.. The days where your alarm clock magically forgets to go off, you get stuck in terrible traffic, you forget about an important deadline. Well no more of that this year! This is 2017 people and there is an app ready to solve pretty much any problem. So get downloading and fill your phone with apps that will help you make every day as perfect as possible.
  • For all of our serial snoozers out there, you know the kind of person who sets their alarm but hits snooze a couple times before getting out of bed? This app will get you out of bed! Trust us! It requires you to literally shake the crap out of your phone to get you out of bed! Try it fellow yogi’s, Wake N Shake Alarm Clock!
  • A few of us at OMie Yoga live in sunny beautiful Southern California, did we say beautiful? Sorry guys we meant crowded Southern California! Traffic is one of those annoying things that you will never have control over. Well it used to be anyways, until Waze began keeping everyone up to date on the latest traffic updates through crowdsourcing. A quick check on Waze when you wake up will give you a heads up if traffic is heavier than normal and if you need to hustle to leave your house sooner than usual. Also gives your faster routes to be able to get to your destination in a quicker time!


  • Since the year has just begun, new deadlines are coming our way. To ensure you never forget a task, use Wunderlist to organize your to-do list. You can create lists within different categories, assign tasks to other users, sort through lists in a variety of ways, email the list to yourself, print the list and view completed tasks.


  • New Year’s Resolutions with Yogagenda: Why not starting the year off with a new agenda? Being a goal getter with the help of a planner will help you plan out your year as smooth as possible! This agenda helps you organize your day/month/year as well as balance your priorities! We decided to mention this company’s planner because not only do they have planners but as well as journals for all you yogi’s out there! A thorough list of the year’s yoga festival and celebrations around the world, one complete sequence or a yoga session planner, a Sanskrit glossary, and beautiful photos and illustrations throughout.


  • Focusing on the New Year with OMie: Start the new year off with one of our durable and lightweight mats. Our mats are made from natural rubber, so it’s eco-friendly and nontoxic. Durable zippers quickly and easily secure it to the mat on both sides, so you can keep your focus on your practice! New year, New me right?


Until next Monday!

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