My Shaper

My Shaper

Those who influence shape us and make us. I like to think of such people as shapers. My main shaper is my mama. If you have followed my journey this isn't a newsflash. 


Always an active person, her first mat experience was actually with her mom- my grandmother. She likes to share that they laughed the whole time. But as you can see from the following, her words- laughter was just the beginning into her journey. The following was taken from my mom's teaching bio: 


"Between effort and equanimity, strength and serenity, power and grace is the space where I believe yoga lives. Yoga means to yoke, to come together, to make whole. As someone who has been practicing yoga for over eighteen years, I am dedicated to the promise of yoga, the principle of uniting body, mind and soul.

The body was meant to move, Yoga has proven to mirror my strong belief that a healthy life delivers a clear mind and an elevated spirit. I teach athletic yet playfully accessible power vinyasa flow classes. I encourage synchronized breathing and sound alignment. Expect an emphasis on core strength and heat producing asanas through dynamic and innovative sequencing. My classes include various sun salutations, standing and seated postures and occasionally arm balances and inversions-all at an appropriate and respectful pace for those who join. What I enjoy most about teaching yoga is the community that forms within the four walls of the studio. To witness students move in and out of postures with such grace and ease is truly a gift.  I am equally proud to be a student. Taking other teacher’s classes, alongside other students, offers me peace and happiness."

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