Example is Leadership

Example is Leadership

Just last week,  I had the good fortune of meeting SoulCycle co-founders, Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler. For those of you who know me, SoulCycle is a beating passion of mine. The feeling I get in that dark room full of inspiration, drive and motivation gets me like nothing else does. This cardio party that both Julie and Elizabeth have created is a one of a kind experience that truly benefits all parts of the human body: the body, mind and soul. Similar to yoga, the experience depends on community. 

This incredible meeting took place at USC, in the Edison Auditorium where the two spoke for over an hour about their journey and past experiences that led them to where they are today. It was such a highlight to be in a room with this amazing duo;  highly established leaders in the entrepreneurial world, not to mention female, which we don't see often. Julie and Elizabeth shared that it was back in 2005, that they met. Laughing on stage, they explained  that it was, "the best blind date ever". They were able to share their vision to create an alternative to fitness that was not so chore-like, but instead a portion of one's day they couldn't wait to take part in. 

A specific part of their story resonated most with me. Julie shared that with their first studio opening, all they cared about was getting people into the studio to experience the class. They were confident that once they experienced the ride, riders were bound to come back again and again. 

This notion of, "just try and you'll want to keep coming back" is exactly how our product has been talked about as well. Every yogi practitioner thus far to try our OMie Mat and Towel Set has felt that they cannot go back to their old ways of slippery mats and bunched up yoga towels.

Our goal here at OMie Yoga is not to persuade you in buying just another product, but instead, purchasing a tool to help you become more effective and successful in your yoga journey. 

Soul Cycles motto of, "Take your journey. Change your body. Find your Soul" is a mantra that I live by day in and day out. It is part of what drove me to create this company of mine. It is my hope that you yogis out there take this journey with me and take a chance in this product. It's a chance worth taking and you wont regret it.

And, while you're at it, grab an OMie hat too! After all, if the founders of SoulCycle are willing to rep another brand, so should you!



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