Don’t stress. Do your very best. Appreciate each step. Forget the rest.

Don’t stress. Do your very best. Appreciate each step. Forget the rest.

Stress seems to be ever prominent during this time of the year. Whether you are prepping to host the whole family for Thanksgiving, planning a last minute vacation, getting the house ready for out of town guests, or simply just trying to keep up with your surroundings, November and December are busy.


With the constant commotion we often find ourselves at a loss for time, unable to get in the daily workout regimen or ten minute meditation. The answer is not, “I’ll find time later” or “A few days off won’t kill me” (even though it won’t kill you), it might mentally kill you! As my mom continuously preaches, our body was meant to move! The way to achieve it all in a day? Slow down.


Slow down. Breathe. Go over all those commitments and goals you have for the day. Do not try to tackle your to do list all at once. Put first things first, and what is that first thing? YOU! Take care of you first so that you can better take care of others.


With Thanksgiving coming up in a just a couple days, it is also important to track what is going well in your life and give gratitude. We often get caught up in the bumps in the road that we overlook everything that is wonderful in our lives. Try and overcome the sticky feeling of worried thoughts and things you should have, why? We end up missing the beauty of what we do have! A great exercise I came across from was as follows:


Every evening before you go to bed, write down three things that went well during the day and their causes. Simply provide a short, causal explanation for each good thing.


If you are a parent reading this, implement this with your children. If you are a friend, share it with your circle.


As a thank you to our yoga community and all of you who take the time to step out of the crazy thing called life for an hour or so each day, we have begun our Black Friday sale early this year.


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Give thanks. Give hugs. Give smiles. Give Love.





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