Behind the Logo

Behind the Logo

What makes a logo ever lasting and powerful? Is it the color? The shape? The creativity? How can seemingly simple artwork inspire global familiarity? Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. We all know what they represent. A logo is a visual manifestation that is used to define a company, product, or an organization. The best way to exhibit true presence is to somehow manage to ensure that your logo has a sense of the company’s character, culture and values. 

When we finally got to the stage of creative and artistic fun I began listing off what OMie Yoga meant to me. Words on this list were: spiritual, exciting, proud, fierce, young, peaceful, innovative, serenity, victory and journey. Journey being the last word on my list and the beginning of the creation of what OMie looks like today.

I began thinking about my journey in life thus far and the experiences that have defined who I am. One, being my journey to discovering yoga and the inner peace that is found in my practice. This is represented by the figure of a Buddha. The Buddha to me is an inspiration to achieve a higher level of enlightenment. Although our OMie's face does not have detail, most Buddha’s facial features are relaxed and at peace. This represents the feeling I get when I practice, a feeling I can’t find elsewhere. 

While OMie's face is simplistic, Omie's mudra speaks volumes to me.  Born and raised in suburban Chicago (Yea Cubs!), three years ago I followed my childhood dream of attending college in California. At the University of Southern California school pride beats in every student and faculty around campus. Game days are showing of this school pride when we dress up in ‘SC apparel and fight on for our football team. The only way to properly, ‘fight on’ with ‘SC is to hold out your right hand and make an outwards peace sign, or V-shape for “victory”. 

“Fight On” to students around campus means spirit and support for our athletes as well as a battle cry for us as fans. However, this phrase stands as a mantra for my company and my life. The ability to fight on and go beyond, to endure, to be the best one can be...and to celebrate oneself. 

In just a few short weeks OMie swag will be arriving and you will be able to sport our fantastic logo. Get excited! 

Om Shanti Om Peace!



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